Beyond Fries: Best Sides in Sevierville, Tennessee


Don’t get us wrong, we love french fries. But menus across Sevierville, Tennessee are loaded with side dishes so scrumptious it’s worth skipping the fries in order to try something else. Breaking routine can yield tasty results and these mouthwatering sides prove it.

Each wedge of the fire-roasted carrots at The Appalachian is such a compelling contrast of smoky/sweet flavors and firm/soft textures that you’ll never look at orange root vegetables the same way. Think carrots are blah? Prepare to be converted!

Thebeer-battered onion rings at Graze Burgers are what all onion rings aspire to be: Big crunchy rounds with juicy insides. Every bite is packed with well-balanced savory, salty, spicy and sweet flavors and each ring holds it shape, no sad sags here.

Deep-fried mushroom caps at East Tennessee Billiards are accompanied by a house-made ranch dip. The savory, salty, herby flavors prove a harmonious trio while the soft and crunchy textures playfully duel for favor.

Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant , Sevierville’s oldest restaurant, is part of a sprawling apple-themed campus with a general store and multiple production facilities. The restaurant is surrounded by orchards where more than 4,000 trees grow 14 different kinds of apples. Get the applesauce—where better to enjoy one of life’s simple pleasures than steps from where the fruit was grown?

Parmesan creamed spinach at The Chop House at Tanger Outlets skillfully straddles the line between healthy and decadent. Pair this luxuriously soft, satisfying side with a steak, burger, chicken or fish dish, and you’ll never have a tinge of regret.

Cole slaw at Pinchy’s Lobster & Beer Co. is made with love that you can taste in every forkful. Chopped and lightly sauced, it’s a perfect crunchy accompaniment to any order.

Fried okra at Five Oaks Farm Kitchen packs so much yum that Yelp reviewers often rave that it’s the best part of the meal. With light breading, a kick of seasoning, and tender crunch, it’s no wonder this side consistently wins fans.

Carter-Cash fried pickles at The Pines , named in honor of one of the legendary performers who previously graced the historic building’s stage, pack a tart zing under their crunchy coats. Dig into the crave-worthy hit accompanied by bacon ranch dip and you’ll be humming a happy tune.

BBQ potato chips at Trotter’s Whole Hog BBQ add zest to crunch for a yum even one of the restaurant’s co-owners finds irresistible. Tell your dining companions to get their own order, you won’t want to share.

Sweet potato soufflé at Holston’s Kitchen is “amazing” and “worth ordering 100 times” boast some TripAdvisor reviewers, and we couldn’t agree more. Break through the crunchy topping to reach the creamy base and get both layers into your mouth for some memorable mmmm .

Mac & cheese at Local Eatery & Grill earns consistent kudos from online reviewers ranging from “great” to “excellent.” This creamy comfort warms your tummy and soul.

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