7 Super Smokies’ Car Shows in 2024


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By Jan Schroder

Start your engines! Visit Sevierville, Tennessee on certain weekends and you may find your car surrounded by a bevy of Broncos, a mass of Mustangs, or a caravan of Corvettes. That means it’s a car show weekend, one of several held during the year that draw thousands of car enthusiasts

Auto aficionados have been flocking to the area for decades to attend events that include car corrals, workshops, and more. Join the fun and you can also see the newest model cars, purchase merchandise and food from the vendor booths, or enter your own prized set of wheels for the chance to win cash prizes. Some shows feature celebrity meet-and-greets or a Shine Run—a tribute to the bootleggers who souped up their cars full of illegal hooch to outrun the authorities during the Prohibition era.

Got some old car parts lying around? Clean off that grease and head to one of the car show swap meets to sell it. While there, check out items for sale such as old carburetors, car magazines from the 1950s, and original owners’ manuals for every type of car.

You don’t need a ticket to enjoy one of the most popular activities during a car show: Just bring a folding chair and stake a spot on a patch of grass behind the sidewalks lining the Great Smoky Mountains Parkway to watch the informal parade of highly polished, lovingly restored classics and new cars as they cruise slowly past the excited crowds.

Get Married In Sevierville
Get Married In Sevierville
Get Married In Sevierville

You may see everything from a black 1932 Ford Coupe Roadster with flames painted on the side to a 1971 Camaro coupe, or a 1958 turquoise Chevrolet Belair.

Hundreds more cars, shined and polished—some with the hoods up—are parked in lots along the Parkway, often accompanied by their proud owners who are happy to tell you more about their beloved vehicles.

The car shows bring many repeat visitors who come every year, sometimes to multiple shows. Amy Walker and her husband, Marvin, travel from Edinburg, Illinois, twice a year to attend the Pigeon Forge Rod Run, held in the spring and fall.

“I love the energy,” she says. “Each show has a different feel. The spring is casual and more laid-back, but the fall is energetic, chaotic, and goes almost until dawn. You can almost feel the electricity in the air.”

Stay in Sevierville for easy access to these seven car shows in 2024:

Get Married In Sevierville
Get Married In Sevierville
Get Married In Sevierville

Chevys in the Smokes + Corvette Expo

March 15-16
LeConte Center

Now in its 47th year, Chevys in the Smokies kicks off the car season. It includes a car corral, swap meet, awards show, and a cruise for Corvettes to Tail of the Dragon, an 11-mile stretch of road with 318 curves . Last year close to 400 cars participated.

Ponies in the Smokies

March 18-23
Sevierville Convention Center

A six-day event packed with activities, Ponies in the Smokies features events every night, including a cruise night, driving school, autocross, and drag racing. The Shine Run, considered a highlight of the show, has participants visiting five stops to compete for cash prizes and the coveted title of “The Fastest Bootlegger in Sevier County.” The car show portion, held on the weekend, showcases 1,000 cars.

Get Married In Sevierville
Get Married In Sevierville
Get Married In Sevierville

Pigeon Forge Rod Run

April 18-20 and September 12-14
LeConte Center

Started in the 1970s, the Rod Run takes place in April and September and has grown to become the largest car show in the area. Events include awards for the ‘Top 25’ and ‘Ultimate 7’ cars, a huge swap meet, car corral, and cash giveaways up to $10,000. TV celebrities like Cristy Lee, formerly of “Garage Squad,” and Faye Hadley from “All Girls Garage,” host meet-and-greets, plus you can view just about every make and model of car spanning several decades.

Circle Yer Wagens

May 4-5
Sevier County Fairgrounds

This all-Volkswagen event features stereo contests, a free car wash area, riverbank camping, and a huge swap meet. You might even find the car of your dreams, as some VWs will be for sale.

Get Married In Sevierville
Get Married In Sevierville
Get Married In Sevierville

Great Smoky Mountain Bronco Stampede

August 16-17
LeConte Center

One of the newer car shows, the Bronco Stampede debuted in 2023 and features competitions like “Show & Shine” and a vendor expo that features all the leading Bronco parts and accessory vendors, as well as smaller vendors who deal in Bronco and off-road-related products.

Great Smoky Mountain Jeep Club Invasion

August 22-24
LeConte Center

More than 50,000 Jeep lovers attended last year’s event, the world’s largest Jeep event! It includes competitions, a vendor expo, parties, trail rides, and a “Show & Shine” tailgate.

Smoky Mountain Truck Fest

Sept. 12-14
Sevierville Convention Center

This truck and jeep show features competitions, a bikini contest, and food and merchandise vendors. All types of trucks are on display, including lowered and lifted, some to gravity-defying heights, and lights and sound systems to rival a rock concert.

Pack your calendar with all kinds of fun. Sevierville will host several other events during 2024.

Jan Schroder is an Atlanta-based freelance writer and editor-in-chief of The Travel 100 . Follow her on Instagram @JanSchroder .

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