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Spend several adventurous days in Sevierville, Tennessee chasing an adrenaline rush, as four daredevils recently video recorded themselves doing, and Foxfire Adventure Park is an essential stop.

“The zip-lining was super cool,” says Darby Bollinger, one of the adventurers. “The guides were super engaging and fun. It was a really interesting course with lots of variations in the zip-lines and amazing views.”

Her friend and fellow adventurer agrees. “Being 600 feet in the air dangling from a wire from mountain to mountain is really cool,” says Preston Collum. “The staff at Foxfire Adventure Park really made the experience what it was. They were super personable with huge personalities, made lots of jokes, and were simply fun to be around.”

Foxfire Adventure Park is home to 150 acres of excitement. In 2010, the Postlewaite Family converted their Hereford cattle farm to an adventure destination with a seven-line zip-line course, ATV tour, 335-foot long Bridge to Prosperity, and more. Even more adventures have been added to the park since it opened.

When the four adventurers visited Foxfire Adventure Park, what did they do?

They crossed America’s 2nd longest swinging bridge, zip-lined our famous Goliath zip-line, which is the highest and longest line in the Smoky Mountains, plus our Waterfall Canopy Tour of seven amazing zip-lines over rivers, creeks and pristine forest canopy. They also tackled our Tree Climber Aerial Ropes Course, a self-guided challenge with 12 elements including balance beams and tightrope walks, and scaled our Gorilla Climbing Wall, which is the largest climbing wall in the Smoky Mountains.

In the video, a zip-liner is shown leaping off the platform by jumping into head-over-heels somersaults. Is this allowed?

It’s up to the individual zip-liner, but yes we allow it. Most of the time, it’s our guides who do that, but some guests do it as well or hang upside down. It’s safe as long as you listen to the guides’ safety instructions and use the proper safety equipment.

There are so many different types of zip-line systems. What equipment do you use?

Safety is our number one concern. We use all the required equipment related to safety, including a harness and a helmet—some helmets can accommodate a GoPro camera. Closed toe shoes are required; no sandals or flip-flops on any of our adventures.

How many people comprise a zip-line group?

Two guides accompany up to 10 guests.

Do the zip-liners manage their own transfers around the course?

The guide makes the transfers. The guides also manage all the braking with the automatic braking system. Guests hold onto the T-bars while zipping. We do not offer tandem zip-lining.

What speeds can be reached on the zip-line course?

Up to 55 miles per hour.

Are there weight/age requirements?

For the waterfall course you must be at least seven years old and weigh 45 to 265 pounds. For the Goliath you must be at least 10 years old and weigh between 100 and 250 pounds.

How long does it take to complete the zip-line course?

The waterfall course takes about two hours. The Goliath course also takes about two hours. Some guests do both courses—it depends how much adrenaline you want.

Do the zip-line courses involve some other obstacles or challenges?

The Goliath includes climbing some steps. The waterfall course includes two sky bridges.

What other adventures do you offer?

The Tree Climber Aerial Ropes Course is a self-guided challenge, but you are securely tethered throughout each of the 12 elements. There are balance beams, tight rope walks, invisible steps, two zip lines that zig zag over Dunn Creek and more to test your balance and agility.

The FreeFall Quick Jump gives you the rush of a free fall without having to parachute to the ground. Take the plunge from The Tower of Nations at Foxfire Adventure Park and brag about it for years to come.

Let the little kids play in Fox’s Hollow Playground or sluice for real gems at Troopers Gem Mining.

The Bridge to Prosperity is one of America’s longest swinging bridges and stretches 335 feet across Foxfire Gorge. You can cross it and also hike several trails and other bridges throughout the 150 acres.

Plus, you serve some great tastes.

The Fox and Flame Food Truck offers options from lunch to quick snacks. During your visit, you will also soon be able to check out The Fox & Apple. The steampunk-themed cidery will open in Spring 2024 and will feature craft ciders made from fresh locally grown fruits.

Get There…

Foxfire Adventure Park

3757 Thomas Lane
Sevierville, Tennessee 37876

In addition to Foxfire Mountain Adventure Park, several whitewater rafting opportunities welcome adventurers in the Smokies, including…

Anakeesta boasts dual zip-lines, each over 1,000 feet long, so you can zip alongside a companion. Rappel 60 feet down to a cushioned platform.

Climb Works boasts a nine-zip course with three sky bridges.

Legacy Mountain Ziplines boasts seven zip-lines over 4.5 total miles, each one up to 2,500 feet long and 300 feet high.

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