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NASCAR SpeedPark Smoky Mountains

Fun for all.

The “Official Family Fun Park of NASCAR”, NASCAR SpeedPark Smoky Mountains, ranks as one of the top tourist attractions in North America. Its 25 acres are packed with race-themed go-kart tracks, bumper boats, amusement park rides, a three-story climbing wall, two miniature golf courses, an arcade, and more. The high-energy atmosphere is fun for all ages to enjoy.

For the inside track, we reached out to Jennifer DeCamp, director of marketing and communication.

NASCAR SpeedPark in Sevierville, Tennessee

How would you describe NASCAR SpeedPark Smoky Mountains to someone who’s never been there before?

We’re the best deal in the Smokies—if you take what you’d pay per ride at other locations compared to the cost of our Unlimited Ride Wristband that lets you ride as many times as you want, it’s a great deal. We are a place for families to have fun together and create memories that make them want to come back on future trips.

There are 22 different attractions?

Yes! The biggest highlight is our eight different go-kart tracks. Each one is a different style of track with a different layout and different go-karts. They range from the 200-foot Baby Bristol starter track that’s perfect for first-time drivers to the quarter-mile Smoky Mountain Speedway that offers an experience similar to a NASCAR race.

Our Blaster Bumper Boats are popular in summer when people want a chance to cool off and go under the pool’s waterfalls. We also have two 18-hole mini golf courses and an indoor rock wall with four different climbing experiences.

There are eight different go-kart tracks?

Yes! There’s something for everyone; each track is regulated. On the advanced tracks a child who is at least 40 inches tall can ride with an adult in order to experience racing, but our more advanced tracks do require a height of at least 54 inches to drive the go-karts. The easy, beginner track called Baby Bristol requires a minimum height of only 36 inches, which gives younger children a chance to get behind the wheel.

The eight tracks are:

  • Smoky Mountain Speedway, a quarter-mile, D-oval-shaped course that provides guests with the opportunity to drive a 3/8-scale version of an actual Sprint Cup car for an exhilarating racing experience similar to what the NASCAR pros face.
  • The Intimidator, a winding track with tight turns that’s so tough it’s named after NASCAR’s Intimidator, Dale Earnhardt.
  • The Competitor, a short, oval track that features high banking and side-by-side racing in double and single-seater go-karts.
  • Slidewayz, a 750-foot track features tough, tight turns for max excitement on every lap.
  • Young Champions, a 1,100-foot track filled with curves has been a fan favorite since 1999.
  • Family 500, an hourglass-shaped road course for rookies and pros that features both single and double-seater cars and is the next step for young drivers who are ready for the big time.
  • The Qualifier, a beginner track that’s an easy course yet gives rookies a sample of the real thing.
  • Baby Bristol, a 200-foot starter track for first-time drivers.
NASCAR SpeedPark in Sevierville, Tennessee

What’s most popular with young children?

Young kids love our Baby Bristol track. Most of our amusement-style rides have a minimum height requirement of 36 inches in order to ride alone, although riding with an adult provides additional access to more rides.

NASCAR SpeedPark in Sevierville, Tennessee

What’s most popular with teens?

They tend to find the go-kart tracks a blast. We find the sweet spot is kids age nine to 15, because they’re in that age range where they’re not able drive yet but are tall enough to get on most (if not all of) the tracks. They also love the thrill zone rides like the Tilt-A-Whirl, The Scrambler, and the Starship 3000, which is a spinning ride that uses centrifugal force to float the passengers off the floor for a feeling of weightlessness. Teens also spend time in our huge arcade that has about 75 games, 80 percent of which have been updated within the past five years. The Spin Zone bumper cars are indoors and use black lights and strobe lights to add to the experience.

What’s most popular with adults?

Adults also love the go-karts best; their competitive nature kicks in. But everything here is geared to make even adults feel like kids again.

What deserves to get more attention?

We’re best known for our go-kart tracks, but we really have an awesome arcade. We don’t require guests to purchase a ticket to use the arcade, so if you want to come play for an hour you can just stop by.

What might someone with a broken arm or leg enjoy?

At that point you’re limited to the arcade and perhaps the mini golf, depending on how you’re able to get around. With a broken arm or leg you’re not allowed on rides or in go-karts.

What’s new for this year?

We’re launching a new Rookie Wristband for children six and under. It’s priced at $23.99, which is $4 less than the Unlimited Ride Wristbands (which are $27.99). We used to charge the same price for everyone, but this will help families save on the cost of admission for the younger children. We also allow guests to come and go from the park throughout the day as long as they leave their wristband on.

Also new for 2018 is a change to our Annual Pass—it’s 365 days of unlimited play for only $149.99. The new pass will not expire within the calendar year but will be remain active for 365 days from the day it is activated. Annual Pass benefits include a 20% discount on all in-park food and beverage purchases and a 20% discount retail and merchandise purchases as well as 20% off Unlimited Ride Wristbands for family and friends.

We’re also continuing to offer one of our most popular products, the Vacation Pass, which offers seven days of play for $41.99, only $14 more than the regular price of an Unlimited Ride Wristband. Vacation pass benefits include 20% discount on all in-park food and beverage purchases and 20% discount retail and merchandise purchases.

How far is NASCAR SpeedPark from Historic Downtown Sevierville?

About three miles. We’re located right next to the Tanger Five Oaks Outlets.

What’s available at the Pit Stop Grill?

We have general theme park fare including burgers, chicken tenders and a make-your-own pizza bar with a variety of toppings. We also serve different ice cream treats and flavored shaved ice.

Are certain times of day likely to have shorter lines?

It’s hard to say. The first two hours the park is open is a great time to come. Generally, it’s easier to get on rides during the dinner hours from 5 to 7 p.m. In the summer we’re open from 9:30 a.m. until midnight. Racing under the lights at night is a fantastic experience for all of our guests.

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