Xperia Ocean Journey In Sevierville, TN


Experience the depths of the ocean exclusively at Tanger Outlets in Sevierville, Tennessee. While no accurate map places Dolly Parton’s hometown near a U.S. coastline, Xperia: Ocean Journey brings the ocean to the Smoky Mountains for an eye-popping, memory-making exploration of the deep blue.

Xperia: Ocean Journey invites you to explore the deep ocean without getting wet. It presents opportunities to interact with majestic creatures and their underwater world in ways that wouldn’t be possible in real life.

A first-of-its-kind exclusive digital underwater experience, “Xperia Ocean Journey combines innovative digital technologies and immersive storytelling,” says Alexandria Moreland, operations leader for SP-IE, the new attraction’s parent company. Xperia promises something totally new and different than anything before—it’s not Imax, not virtual reality, not artificial intelligence. “Without giving too much away, it’s all digital and allows guests to explore the depths of the ocean and interact in real time with creatures they’ve never encountered before. It’s an immersive, hyper-real experience, sort of like walking through a movie yet being able to interact with it. It uses the latest in digital media, animation, and audio technology to take guests a step further into the experience.”

Xperia: Ocean Journey will run for two years. When it closes a completely different experience will fill the 10,000-square-foot space, such as a space odyssey, African safari, trip through the Amazon rainforest, or other thrilling adventure. Every 24 months the theme will change to showcase an exciting new destination.

“You’re getting a glimpse at the world—in this case the deep ocean—in a photo-real way,” says Moreland. Since the experience is interactive, you may discover new secrets and surprises on subsequent visits. Designed to entertain guests of all ages, a visit will last about 60 to 90 minutes on average, though each voyage is self-guided and there is no time limit on exploration.

Xperia: Ocean Journey offers the opportunity to interact with amazing creatures that humans can rarely if ever see up close in nature—including a humpback whale, giant humboldt squids, thresher shark, sea lions, and others. Throughout the journey, audio, visual, and interactive educational opportunities abound. “We’re on a mission to revolutionize storytelling,” says Moreland. “The goal is to offer innovative, world-class, hyper-real experiences that allow people to explore a part of the world that they wouldn’t typically be able to access.”

Visual effects were created by an award-winning VFX team. Some elements do require 3D glasses, which are provided for use as part of admission to the attraction.

As you step into the 40-foot curved 3D dome theater and come face-to-face with amazing creatures, don’t fear that digital means fictional. The experience is fact-based, and all the marine life is scientifically accurate. “Thousands of different sounds and animal communications were recorded,” says Moreland. “It’s all based on real experience, real footage.”

Xperia: Ocean Journey is a genuine wow.


Find Xperia: Ocean Journey at 1645 Parkway at the back of Tanger Outlets in a standalone building, #780. For more information, including ticket prices and hours of operation, visit .

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